There are many opportunities within the competition structure to represent Terrigal in addition to those that require surf and skills dependent on physical strength.  You many have skills in co-ordination, precision and you want to be part of a team then March Past and Rescue and Resuscitation (R&) could be for you.  March Past and R&R are traditional lifesaving events and considered by many as premier events.

First Aid is another area of competition that requires skills of judgment, evaluation, responsiveness, co-operation and an overall knowledge of vital lifesaving skills.  Teams practise for many hours using numerous scenarios from simple things like blue bottle stings and sand in the eyes to broken bone and shark attacks mixed with crowd control.

Competitors in that participate in Champion Lifesaver must have knowledge and skills in all areas of lifesaving.  Competitors must be able compete tasks that tests their surf skills, rescue and resuscitation and first aid.