Nipper Calendar – Nippers Calendar

Times of Activities

Nippers start at 8:30am each Sunday and finishes around 10:30am depending on the weather, conditions, helpers etc

WK Date Event Program Location BBQ Beach Set Up Non Terrigal Canivals and Events
0 Sun 5/10/2014 New Nippers Day Under 6’s and New U/7-U/14’s & Profciencies Terrigal JAC BBQ Set Up
AM Beach Set Up
Sat 4/10 and Sun 5/10 Forster Surf (9-opens)
1 Sun 12/10/2014 Full Nippers Commence U8 Welcome Tunnel/ CC Elections Terrigal U14
2 Sun 19/10/2014 Nippers Terrigal U13’s Saturday 18/10 U12 – Masters @ Toowoon Bay
  Fri 24/10/2014 Season Welcome BBQ & SIPS 5pm at the Club Terrigal
3 Sun 26/10/2014 Club Championship Rd 1 Terrigal U12’s Sat 25/10 Beach Only Carnival U12 – Masters  @ Toowoon Bay
4 Sun 2/11/2014 SLSCC Carnival – 1 U/6’s & 7’s  (Terrigal) Shelly Beach Water Safety 11/12’s Sat 1/11 Round 1 NPJIP 10s – 14-s @ Shelly Beach
5 Sun 9/11/2014 AFTERNOON NIPPERS -3PM and sips Terrigal U11’s Sat 8/11 Kracka IP 9’s – 14s @ Swansea Belmont
6 Sun 16/11/2014 Nippers Skills Day Terrigal U10’s Sunday 16/11 Newcastle Perm Rd 2-(10-14’s) @ Avoca 1pm Start
7 Sun 23/11/2014 Nippers Terrigal U9’s Sun23/11 Bennett IP & Board Freshwater (9-14’s) 13/14 Jnr Camp
8 Sun 30/11/2014 SLSCC Carnival – 2 U/6’s & 7’s  (Terrigal) Toowoon Bay WATER SAFETY 9/10s
9 Sat 6/12/2014 Club Championship Rd 2 @3pm U8/-14s only Terrigal U14’s
9 Sun 7/12/2014 Nippers 6 and 7’s ONLY 6/7’s only Terrigal Sun 7/12 NP Final @ The Lakes
10 Sun 14/12/2014 Nippers FUN Day Funday Events Themed Terrigal U8’s Saturday & Sunday – Interbranch 12s Up @ CHB
  Sat 20/12/2014 Xmas Drinks Members & Friends 5pm at the Club Terrigal
H11 Sun 21/12/2014 Nippers Rescue and Santa Day Final Education Sign Off Terrigal U13’s
H12 Sun 28/12/2014  No Nippers Christmas Break – No Nippers  N/A  N/A
H13 Sun 4/01/2015  No Nippers Christmas Break – No Nippers  N/A  N/A Saturday 3/1 – Gardner Ironperson (Wamberal) (9-14’s)
H14 Sun 11/01/2015  Nippers  SKILLS DAY  Terrigal  U12’s
H15 Sun 18/01/2015 SLSCC Carnival – 3 U/6’s & 7’s (Terrigal)  North Entrance  WATER SAFETY 13/14s
H16 Fri 23/01/2015 FRIDAY Twilight Nippers Nippers (4:30pm)and Littles Disco (7:00pm)  Terrigal  U11’s  Sunday 25th – Manly Nippers Nationals 11-14s @Manly
17 Sun 1/02/2015 Club Championships – 3 Terrigal U10’s
18 Sun 8/02/2015 Nippers SKILLS DAY  Terrigal U9’s
19 Sun 18/01/2015 SLSCC Carnival – 3 U/6’s & 7’s (Terrigal) Terrigal ALL AGE GROUPS Water Safety 8’s only, Officials
20 Sun 22/02/2015 AFTERNOON NIPPERS -3PM and sips Terrigal  U8’s/U12’s Masters and Seniors Branch at Terrigal
21 Sun 1/03/2015  Nippers  U14’s
22 Fri 6-Sun 8/3/2015 NSW State Age Championships 9s-14s complete Each Age Group will be required to supply officials and water safety
23 Sun 15/03/2015 Final Funday (6s-7s presentation) Fund Day/BBQ/Richard Bridge Memorial Race  Terrigal U11/U10’s
  Sun 3/5/2015 TSLSC Nipper Presentation    Terrigal    
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