The 2020/21 patrol roster is now finalised, click below to view the roster.


For any questions you may contact your Patrol Captain.


Lifesaving Board Member

Director of Lifesaving – Paul Quick

Please email


Patrol Captains & Vice Captains

Patrol Captain

12Robert GrassiPatrol Captain
12Mark BridgmanPatrol Captain
11Aidan ReidPatrol Captain
10Bruce MoyPatrol Captain
10John DeaconPatrol Captain
09Glenn BowlesPatrol Captain
08Collin BakerPatrol Captain
07Andrew HabgoodPatrol Captain
06Greg HobsonPatrol Captain
05David GolightlyPatrol Captain
04Alix SmithPatrol Captain
04Gregory TaylorPatrol Captain
03Andrew DavisonPatrol Captain
02Tim PittoloDirector of Education, Patrol Captain
01Rodney BoagPatrol Captain

Vice Patrol Captain

12Ian FrostVice Patrol Captain
11Andrew ReidVice Patrol Captain
10Lewis BoormanVice Patrol Captain
09Anthony JonesVice Patrol Captain
08Stuart BennettVice Patrol Captain
06Derek StackVice Patrol Captain
05Sean CaseyVice Patrol Captain
05Catherine WilsonVice Patrol Captain
04Dwayne RobertsonVice Patrol Captain
03David SmithVice Patrol Captain
03Gary BunchVice Patrol Captain
02Torbjom KillmanVice Patrol Captain
02Kristina SkvorcVice Patrol Captain
01Neil CartlandVice Patrol Captain
01Andrew WellsVice Patrol Captain

Director of Education

02Tim PittoloDirector of Education, Patrol Captain
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