Patrol Obligations

All Active Members – without exception – are required to meet their patrol requirements as rostered by the Club. Every patrolling member is also required to perform an annual proficiency test, in order to refresh and refine the skills and knowledge learned through their qualifications (which at the very least will be the Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate). The Bronze Medallion proficiency test includes a timed run-swim-run, resuscitation, signals and patrol scenarios. More details regarding proficiency tests are available under Education & Training.


Patrol Hours

Please turn up to patrol on time and early if possible, the time listed on your roster is the time that patrols must be on the beach, remember that it takes 15 to 20 minutes prior to start time to get the patrol set up and also to close down the patrol. This time should be shared by all patrol members.


Patrol Uniform

As a member of Terrigal SLSC you should take pride in the uniform which you wear. The official uniform is NOT optional, for OH&S, visibility and professional standards reasons, and includes
• Patrol Cap (red/yellow quartered) – you must bring and wear every patrol
• Patrol Shirt (yellow) and Patrol Shorts (red) – you will have one issued, it is your responsibility to wear the full uniform EVERY patrol. If you lose or damage your uniform you may be charged for the issue of a new one.
• Swimmers (preferably club costume), hat and sunglasses (optional)

You may not wear casual clothes on patrol. Your Patrol Captain may not sign you on to patrol unless you are in full uniform.


Responsibilities and Behaviour while on Patrol

All patrol members must sign on and off patrol in the patrol log. All logs are legal records.

Duties while on patrol include constant surveillance of the beach from the rock pool in the south to beyond the bend in the north, prevention of potential dangers to the beach going public, treatment of any injured person, provision of public information, maintenance of equipment and any other duties deemed necessary by your Patrol Captain and Vice Captain.

You are constantly under the scrutiny of the public, and they expect an extremely high standard. Please be aware of your language, actions and general behaviour at all times.


Duty of Care / Public Liability

All Members have a duty of care for the public and fellow club members while signed on to patrol. Public Liability Insurance is cover which is available if a member of the public or a Surf Life Saving Club member takes legal action (civil) for alleged negligence against SLSA or its members – including all financial Terrigal Members.

If Members follow safety and precautionary measures set by SLSA, use SLSA approved equipment and remain vigilant the need for public liability insurance will be minimised. Any Member acting in a manner that constitutes wilful misconduct or wilful negligence may not be covered by insurance and could be personally liable for any loss or damage resulting from his/her actions.


Patrol Absence

If you cannot make a rostered patrol, you should always swap your rostered day with a member of another patrol. This is called a patrol substitution and to obtain 100% patrol attendance you must do the makeup hours of patrol for the other person (or on another patrol).

If you cannot find another member to swap with, notify your patrol captain BEFORE the patrol that you will not be in attendance. This is vital for those who hold specialist qualifications such as IRB as we need a certain level of qualification on the beach for patrol.



You can obtain a parking permit from the Administration office at the beginning of the season to enable you to park in designated spots in the carpark ONLY WHEN YOU ARE ON PATROL. Please do not abuse this system by parking there any other time, regardless of your duties at the club.


100% Attendance

Patrolling Members who attend every rostered patrol (or arranged substitute as above and complete make up hours!) may be recognised with a 100% attendance award at the annual awards evening. To gain 100% attendance, a Member must be on patrol from the start of rostered patrol to the finish (e.g. 8am to 1pm).

Your patrol relies upon your attendance at each and every patrol.